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Radek Rogóż




You will carry out training without leaving the house, in great company. During the course you will hear a lot of advice and opinions related to different types of cycling. You will feel the strength of the group, sometimes it is easier to live to the end together.

Regularly exercises with us will build strength and endurance, you will learn to use your physical and mental strengths. You will become one of us.

You will benefit from proven training plans, which you can duplicate later individually. You will forget about boredom in training.

You will start a great adventure with a bike or supplement your regular  cycling preparation. For us, everyone is important. Amateur and Professional rider.

The perfect solution for everyone. Whether you're just getting started or looking to supplement your workouts, this option is for you. We serve strong and efficient hourly sessions that emphasize all the skills of a modern cyclist.We ride intervals, simulate climbing, improve strength and endurance. We guarantee full satisfaction. Request a link.  

60 min


+48 513 069 676