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Radek Rogóż


If you have doubts about whether you are training properly.Whether the choice of stimuli is correct and the chosen plan is correct.Do not delay. Order a consultation to talk to a specialist who will answer your every question.If you want to prepare for competitions and do not know how to start, this option is also for you.

60 min

online or personally



We analyze the records of trainings. We take into account current and held sessions. On this basis, we will tell you what to change, what to look for, how to match the training to the upcoming competitions.

We'll provide suggestions for training zones and the amount of training you need to do in each zone.

We suggest methods to match your workouts to your goals and current sports disposition. We take into account the current moment of the season, your preferences and time spent in training.We study the current adjustment of intensity and volume.

If you are not an athlete, and you only care about maintaining fitness, losing weight and maintaining health, we will tell you what set of exercises you need to apply. When to practice and how to start an adventure with sports and recreation.

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